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Meet DEWALT’S Perform & Protect™ Tool Line

Meet DEWALT’S Perform & Protect™ Tool Line

Construction pros and DIYers understand the significance of using tools and equipment that prioritize safety without compromising performance. DEWALT has addressed this need head on with its innovative PERFORM & PROTECT™ line of tools and accessories.

DUST CONTAINMENT: Enhancing Jobsite Air Quality
One of the primary concerns on jobsites is the presence of airborne dust particles that can pose serious health risks to workers. DEWALT’s PERFORM & PROTECT™ line offers over 220 OSHA Table 1 Compliant dust solutions, addressing this concern head-on. These solutions include specialized shrouds, extractors, and extraction accessories that work in tandem to minimize dust exposure.

By reducing air-borne dust exposure, these tools not only contribute to a healthier work environment but also enhance user visibility. Improved visibility ensures better accuracy and precision in tasks, leading to higher efficiency and better results. Moreover, the reduction in dust also translates to a significant reduction in tool maintenance costs, saving both time and money for professionals.

CONTROL: Preventing Bind-Up Situations
Traditional drilling and cutting applications can sometimes lead to tools binding up, causing potential injuries to the user or damage to the tool itself. With safety at the core of their design, DEWALT’s PERFORM & PROTECT™ drills and grinders are equipped with integrated control features to address this issue.

The Anti-Rotation E-CLUTCH® System and Kickback Brake are two critical safety features that come into play during bind-up situations. The Anti-Rotation E-CLUTCH® System senses sudden tool rotation and shuts down the tool to prevent mishaps, while the Kickback Brake rapidly stops the tool’s movement when a sudden kickback is detected. These features provide peace of mind to users, knowing that they are protected from potentially hazardous scenarios.

VIBRATION: Minimizing Long-term Health Risks
Prolonged exposure to tool vibration can lead to severe health issues, such as fatigue, pain, numbness, and reduced sensitivity in fingers and hands. Recognizing this concern, DEWALT has introduced the SHOCKS ACTIVE VIBRATION CONTROL® System in its PERFORM & PROTECT™ line to reduce vibration at the handles.
By implementing this technology, DEWALT aims to minimize the harmful effects of vibration on professionals, ensuring their long-term health and well-being. Reduced vibration not only improves comfort but also enhances control and precision during work, resulting in better outcomes and increased overall productivity.

When investing in DEWALT PERFORM & PROTECT™ tools, users can rest assured that they are equipping themselves with the best-in-class safety measures for jobsites. As DEWALT continues to push the boundaries of innovation and safety, they reaffirm their commitment to promoting safe and efficient workplaces across the hardware and home improvement industry. Remember, safety starts with the right tools, and DEWALT has you covered!

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