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The Kobalt Corded Drum Auger is a game-changer. 💪

The Kobalt Corded Drum Auger is a game-changer. 💪

Introducing the Kobalt Corded Drum Auger—a game-changer for all your drain-clogging woes! This compact and lightweight marvel will have you unclogging drains like a pro in no time.

With its powerful motor, this little dynamo effortlessly tackles drains ranging from 3/4-inch to 2 inches in sinks, showers, tubs, and even stubborn toilets. Say goodbye to annoying blockages and hello to smooth-flowing water!

The Kobalt Corded Drum Auger’s secret weapon is its powered auto-feed mechanism. No more wrestling with tangled cables or manually feeding and retrieving them. Let the motor do the work while you relax and watch as the cable effortlessly snakes its way through those pesky clogs.\

Crafted from 25-ft high-carbon steel spring wire, this auger is built to last. Resistant to corrosion and kinking, it’s ready to take on any draining challenge that comes its way. Plus, its compact ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, so you can power through your plumbing adventures with ease.

Not only does this drum auger get the job done, but it also looks out for your surfaces. Equipped with stable, rubberized feet, it protects your countertops and floors from any unwanted damage caused by the rotating drum.

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