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Introducing the Edge XT: Lever Gear’s New Multitool

Introducing the Edge XT: Lever Gear’s New Multitool
Lever Gear is excited to unveil its latest innovation, the Edge XT Retractable Blade Multitool, on IndieGogo! A multitool meticulously crafted for modern needs, the Edge XT is designed to streamline daily tasks with remarkable efficiency.

At the heart of the Edge XT’s design is its essence of convenience. In a world where hunting down tools for simple tasks becomes tedious, the Edge XT stands out with 10 handy tools right at your fingertips. From a utility blade to screwdrivers, and box to bottle openers, it’s crafted to help you swiftly navigate your to-do list.


Unlike traditional multitools that might be cumbersome, the Edge XT is consciously sized for everyday carry, whether on a keychain, pocket, or bag. It’s not just about portability; it’s about efficiency. While some multitools might cram in tools haphazardly, the Edge XT is structured with purpose. Its intuitive layout ensures that tools are readily accessible and effective in function.


Safety remains paramount, evident in the Edge XT’s quick and secure utility blade feature. A locking thumb slider promotes one-handed operation while the safety lock switch ensures you won’t encounter any unwelcome surprises.

Lastly, Lever Gear has spared no detail in its craftsmanship. The Edge XT boasts a durable metal build, using heat-treated 420HC stainless steel, complemented with a scratch-resistant anodized aluminum blade cover. Customers can choose between the aesthetically pleasing satin finishes of silver or black, and further personalize their Edge with five vibrant lanyard color options.


With its perfect blend of style and substance, the Edge XT Retractable Blade Multitool is not just a tool—it’s a testament to Lever Gear’s commitment to innovation, functionality, and design.


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