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GRABO: The Revolution in Lifting Technology

GRABO: The Revolution in Lifting Technology
Discover the magic behind the world’s first battery-powered suction cup.
In the world of lifting, versatility, and safety are paramount. Enter the Nemo GRABO – a groundbreaking innovation that promises not just to enhance your lifting game but to revolutionize it entirely.

1. A Class of Its Own
Pioneering Innovation: GRABO isn’t just any suction cup – it’s the world’s first electric battery-operated variant, setting itself miles apart from anything you’ve seen or used.

2. Gauge Your Way to Safety
Mechanical Mastery: With an intuitively positioned pressure gauge on its base, GRABO ensures that you always have an eye on the pressure, guaranteeing lifts within the safe range every single time.

3. Strength That Speaks
Power-Packed Performance: Thanks to the potent GRABO vacuum pump, which can move an astounding 20 liters of air per minute, you’re looking at a tool that can confidently lift up to 375 lbs (170 kgs).

4. Adaptability at its Finest
Versatile Vision: Whether it’s rough, slightly porous, or uneven surfaces, the patented foam rubber seal has got you covered. And if ever the seal faces wear and tear, replacing it is a breeze.

5. Think Beyond Lifting
Innovative Design: The addition of four steel lifting lugs on the tool handle means you can effortlessly combine the GRABO with lifting straps and a plethora of attachments, ensuring the tool adapts to your needs, not the other way around.

6. Backed with Assurance
Guaranteed Reliability: Every GRABO comes with a 12-month factory warranty, which can be extended to 18 months upon product registration. And with our US-based professional technical support at the ready, we’ve got your back, every step of the way.

In Conclusion
The Nemo GRABO isn’t just another tool; it’s a testament to what happens when ingenious design meets state-of-the-art technology. From lifting construction materials to moving household items, the applications are endless. So, step into the future of lifting with confidence, ease, and the unmatched power of GRABO.

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