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DEWALT Introduces Next-Generation FLEXTORQ® Impact Driver Bits

DEWALT Introduces Next-Generation FLEXTORQ® Impact Driver Bits

DEWALT has unveiled its latest innovation for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike – the FLEXTORQ® Impact Driver Bits (DWFLEXTORQSD). These cutting-edge bits promise unmatched durability and performance, making them a game-changer in the hardware and home improvement industry.

Designed to withstand the toughest tasks, the new FLEXTORQ® Impact Driver Bits from DEWALT boast meticulously engineered tip geometries that ensure optimal performance and a superior fit. The result? Users can now tackle projects with increased efficiency and confidence.

One of the key highlights of the FLEXTORQ® PH2 bits is their remarkable ability to drive 100% more screws per bit†. This revolutionary advancement enables professionals to work longer without worrying about frequent bit replacements, significantly improving their overall productivity.

Furthermore, the range of bits specifically designed for use with T20 to T40‡ size fasteners delivers an astonishing 2X up to 5X superior fit**, ensuring greater stability and accuracy during every application. Whether it’s driving screws into various materials or fastening heavy-duty fixtures, DEWALT’s FLEXTORQ® Impact Driver Bits offer unparalleled precision.
An outstanding feature of every FLEXTORQ® bit is the incorporation of the FLEXTORQ® Zone, which plays a critical role in enhancing the bit’s longevity by absorbing impact. This innovative technology extends the bit’s life up to an impressive 200X*, providing professionals with reliable and long-lasting performance throughout their projects.

Recognizing the importance of easy identification, DEWALT has equipped each FLEXTORQ® bit with laser-etched, highly-visible size markings. This smart addition enables quick and hassle-free bit selection, ensuring seamless workflow and minimal downtime.

The FLEXTORQ® Screwdriving Bits are now available for purchase at all authorized DEWALT retailers, hardware stores, and online outlets, ensuring accessibility to professionals and DIY enthusiasts worldwide.

* 200X longer life on average vs. standard DEWALT® screwdriving bits (select sizes – see website for details)
† On average vs. previous generation of DEWALT® FLEXTORQ® screwdriving PH2 bits.
** On average vs. previous generation of comparable DEWALT FLEXTORQ® screwdriving bits (T20 – 3X, T25 – 4X, T30 – 5X, T40 – 2X)‡
‡ T20, T25, T30 and T40 are trademarks of Acument Intellectual Properties, LLC, used without permission to indicate compatibility.

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